About Food Health Solutions

Food Health Solutions Benefits

Our clients come to us seeking answers and help for achieving overall wellness along with tackling a wide variety of health challenges. Our personalized coaching programs have helped clients manage and often, restore their health. Some of these challenges have included:

Acid Reflux

Anxiety & Mood Disorders

Autoimmune Disorders

Brain Injuries / Tumors


Type 2 Diabetes



Gut Imbalance

High Blood Pressure

Hormonal Health

Joint Pain and Inflammation

Memory / Brain Fog

Metabolic Syndrome


Skin Issues

Sports Performance

Weight Loss

Meet The Coaches

Lisa Gruchot

Lisa’s journey with using food for wellness goes back many years. From childhood through adulthood, she had many unexplained health issues. Traditional medicine didn’t have answers and doctors often said they didn’t know what was wrong.

Eventually, Lisa found her way to an integrative specialist and the healing process began. The first step was changing the foods she was eating and within a short while, she felt better than ever before.

This ignited a passion to learn everything she could about how and what to eat to bring the power of healing. Fast forward to 2015 when Lisa suffered a traumatic brain injury and while trying to help herself, began coaching other TBI survivors on healing with food.

Over the years, Lisa has experienced each type of modality within the areas she coaches. Her path has given her insight into the challenges most face and she is able to bring a personal level of understanding to her coaching sessions.

Today, as a Certified Ketogenic and Carnivore coach with a passion for neurologic health, she continues to use food to help others feel their absolute best.

Sydney Gruchot

Sydney is a passionate, health and wellness advocate who values helping others to accomplish their health goals. After struggling with her own health problems for multiple years, Sydney embarked on an intensive health journey in order to improve her gut, mind and body.

Through this experience, she gained expert level knowledge on the Low FODMAP diet as well as living a grain, dairy, and sugar free lifestyle. Known amongst her friends as a community builder, Sydney strongly believes in building a partnership with her clients. She is dedicated to helping those struggling with their health find themselves through a comprehensive and integrative approach to healing.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.