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one bite at a time.™

Welcome to Food Health Solutions


Food can be incredibly healing for our bodies. We work to create a lasting difference in your health and lifestyle. Taking a holistic approach, food is the focus to help you heal from the inside out. Food is not the enemy when it is the right fit for YOUR body.


Our clients enjoy great rewards following a personalized food protocol while bringing their body and mind back in balance. You will learn what your body is supposed to feel like when you have more energy and better health simply by eating real, delicious food!


Do you feel stuck? Is your health not what it could be? Our Certified Coaching and Supplement Support protocol has helped clients conquer their struggles and thrive. You deserve to feel good each day. Let us help. We’ll be there every step of the way!

We Change Lives

“Though I was skeptical of her coaching in the beginning, mostly because I got to eat such delicious foods, it became quickly apparent that Lisa was right!  55 pounds and 33 inches gone.  My life has been forever changed in a positive way thanks to Lisa, and I can’t recommend her coaching enough.
” ~ Tara V.

“Lisa has a presence about her that people just cling too. She is calming and comes across as a family member more than a coach. Lisa is one of the kindest and nurturing people I know. Her strength is her ability to listen and be that one person who you can count on in rough times.
” ~ Melissa M.

“For over two years now I have been using the Autoimmune Paleo diet to manage my health and I have never felt better. I sleep better, have more energy, and little-to-no inflammation. Thanks to Lisa and her help I am more in control of my health than I have ever been.
” ~ Sara G.

You don’t have to do it alone. Our passion is to be the hand that guides you to health.